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Millet rings arch rival Bong2 bracelet review

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Listed in Moto360 and watch later, smart bracelet market has cooled down, plus 79 millet hand loop the emergence of this market bomb, many bracelet manufacturers are "career change".

Bong series bracelets are a very few still insist on improved product bong2, already the third-generation product in the series (bong1 and new products during the Bong before). It's available also went to the ' 99, but it was the performance of, and worth the buy? Take a look now.


Wear range: 165-235mm

Weight: 14g

Color: heart gold, gray, black, blue, Red 5 color options, table with black and white can be selected

Battery: replaceable specific lithium-manganese battery

Battery life: 1 year

Bluetooth version: 4.0

Waterproof grade: IP67

System support: iOS7 and Android4.3

Out of the box

Bracelet package increasingly complex, bong2 there to a new level, packaging to 3 layers, the manufacturer is also spelled.

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Bong2 outer packaging is common for corrugated boxes, stickers on the SN code and color markings.

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Formal packaging line in the tray.

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Front Pack shape designed to be relatively young and handsome.

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Back is a simple product parameters and production information.

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Outer cardboard circle, side can see rings of internal bag.

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Internal bag disposable sticker, its role is more fixed Zipper pulls, rather than "anti-second-hand".

Millet rings arch-rival? Bong2 bracelet review

Tank bag rings, accessories and manuals.

Parts are sealed in the bag bulges, stainless steel buckles.

Buckles were smaller and role is to replace the battery.

Instructions front and back respectively in Chinese and English, in addition to a decorative sticker.


Bracelet made up of core and removable silicone strap.

Core matte metals, color coated on the surface.

A touch button on the metal core, is the status indicator around the button, in red and white flashes.

One-way Twill strap outer decorative, giving a refined feel.

Strap buckle stainless steel buckle, stainless steel with concentric lines.

Strap inside with "better you bong" message.

The outside of the other end of the strap is stamped with the logo of Bong.

Strap closed beta was made into a wave shape. Drainage lines at the same time, reduces the contact surface, so airtight, plastic with better wearing comfort.

Metal core can be dug out by violence, this design is purely used to change the strap and replace the battery, but this design is easier to filth.

More sharp edges of metal core, but do not cut hand.

Core part of designer names and designs carved on the back of venue, but also for the slight curvature to the fitting arm.

To make fixed silicone strap, the core part of the inner ring also made specific bumps.

Core has two no painted parts, when they open the battery support (anyway, there is the risk of scraped paint, so not directly paint? )。

Through the above kinds of buckles you can pry open the core, but open for the first time need to use a bit of force and skill.

Prized open you can see the cover and the battery.

Shelters are circuit, you can see the contact and gaskets.

CAP is surrounded by a ring of rubber under the waterproof pad.

Official said special battery and sure enough a little alien, estimated to be custom factory battery with more scratches on the surface.

Battery back blank, no battery capacity and parameters of the label. Range of customized battery for one year, on its website is required to buy (at $ 9).

On my arm size bong2 feel than millet bracelet to wear better. Strap is not soft, can be "strong" to maintain its original shape, but instead let it have nothing to wear, in relative comfort.

Software and using

Bracelet features after all is exercise and sleep recording, but currently there are no manufacturer on earth can do to author this Virgo satisfaction. But the good news is, manufacturers ' works are slowly improving.

Contrast the previous generation Bong2 although not much changes in the functional categories, but are a certain increase in availability.


Bong2 official client (supports both Android and Apple) used for the first time need to register an account and enter the height and weight and simple information such as moving target.

Binding ring of which is touch-sensitive buttons on the machine. If the account has been bound bracelets, landing is connected with the bracelet.

Usually you can touch Active Sync touch is very sensitive, time-consuming maintenance of each synchronization between 20-30 seconds.



Application consists of four pages, PK pages home page and social networking friends list on the left, two pages on the right side, expand application and setting.

PK list and application is a Web app, their page load slow, experience is not good. Of course, this may, and testing machines millet 2s (MIUI 6) is not in the official directory of adaptation related to evaluating some of the screenshots are in iPhone 5C (iOS8) to complete.


Step counter and sleep

Home exercise and sleep records is displayed in timeline. Head circled the progress bar is the statistic of the day, sliding around to switch days. Bracelets identify movements and periods, can out run, sports, car and other States.

Will accurately display the exercise time in actual use, but significantly smaller number of step counter, don't know it is alone or is common. Sometimes small ranges of up to 40%, millet and test machine 2s (MIUI 6, kernel Android 4.4.4) is not in the adapter list relevant? Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus cases



Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus Case

Information flow has a hidden feature, press and movement that can pop up an error box, correct the data. Official learning abilities are expected to use this corrected data.



Sleep statistics simply sleep and wake-time statistics. No details of regular curve, more disappointing.



In order to motivate the user movement and share, down PK in the client list. But because the small amount of users, so if you are not a tech player, this page estimates are above the blank.


So far as the author, bracelet the most practical or vibrating alarm clock feature. Bracelets can be user-light sleep time period wake users, avoid sleep situation.

This batch of bracelets in practical use, no user said the initial batch of vibration intensity shortage. But the software side can only set an alarm clock for the time being, and default shock frequently enough, it also had to prepare for the regular everyday use alarm clock so as not to "wake up", hoping that late software changes.



Application also has a track record function (left), bracelets and has time to display (right). But the only mobile application works, and by red and white LEDs display time, practicality is not high.

Open platform

Has finally come to the point, in fact this open platform is bong2 feature. Open platform is the Bong official available to hardware manufacturers and developers of hardware and software platforms. Now into the developer is the most famous living children and most of the day.


By authorized forms, developers can use the bracelet features other internal applications. Now primarily data display application, game, social class, three.


Now the gaming application quality is not high, for example, can only really hit the golden eggs smashing an egg get prizes. Social networking applications are in the form of simple forum, practical value needs to be improved.

  Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus Case

But surprising is that data inside a temporary application data than official app to display detailed and precise.

Another new concept is active in the development platform and loop motion for atleast 5 minutes later, the bracelet to shake to encourage/remind the user, while providing users free active.

Active in Bong's ecosystem is used as currency, it can be used to download games and applications, exchange goods within the (previously exchanged approaches, but now I can't find the entrance), and as a reward for developers.

The concept and layout is very large, but now the game's quality, probably also not encouraging users to get active, it still needs to continue to improve.



Wearing more comfortable, looks good

There are 5 colors to choose more suitable for personalized selection of crowd

99 price moderate

High later in the open software platform development

Hardware operation and synchronization functionality and stability


Step counter function error

No sleep records curve records

Only support the addition of an alarm clock, and limited number of vibrations

Application development experience was not very good

Bong2 hardware is already quite mature, and recorded on the stability than the millet to wear bracelets (appearance is a matter of opinion). Bong2 features and platform layout, although larger, but the software side experience there is more room for improvement, is experience with software version than millet rings. Overall, millet bracelet win software experience, whereas bong2 WINS on hardware.

Smart bracelet is a sports-oriented/sleep recording needs of the users of the product. If usually don't have these data, is also not recommended to buy because the record data is their most useful function for the time being.

For users who need to buy, taking into account the current post and feature gap between large, simple buying advice: shape to buy whichever you like ... ...


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